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Airboard ROCKET Yellow 14'0''

Art. 18.01.0702 / EAN 7640123710887

Model 427 x 68.5 x 15cm (14'0" x 27" x 6")
Weight 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)
Volume 295 l
Max. Pressure 1.0 - 1.5 bar (15-22 psi)
Max. weight max. 140kg (310 lbs)


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Product description
Top speed competition SUP
Competitions and calm Water 
Detail description
The completely new shape is an eye-catcher. The dolphin-like nose of the Airboard® Speed Concept works like a displacement hull where at the nose reduces the water resistance. An other innovation is the use of new textures on the top and bottom layer. With the application of different structures, the resulting swirls improves the gliding performance - like a shark skin suit. The upper layer is completely covered with an anti-skid surface which allows a huge action area. The Airboard® Rocket is with a length of 14' (427cm) and width of 27'' perfect to be at the forefront at SUP-Races.
Straight line EVA-Deckpad | 1 fin with US-Box | Kickpad | 1 handle | Luggage Rack
Delivery contains
SUP ROCKET | Full Zip Bag | High-Pressure Pump | US-Box Fin | Manual | Repair Kit