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Airboard SHARK LE Gold 12'6''

Art. 18.01.0471 / EAN 7640123711679

Model 380 x 76 x 15cm (12'6" x 30" x 6")
Weight 8.7kg (19.2lbs)
Volume 324 l
Max. Pressure 0.8 - 1.2 bar (12 - 18 psi)
Max. weight 160 kg (353 lbs)


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Product description
Fast SUP for long Distance
Touring and Speed | calm Water 
Detail description
LIGHT EDITION - 20% less weight with light webbing. The slim elegant glider will speed you up and help you to a great work-out. This inflatable and sturdy SUP comes with the removable US-Box-Fin-System. The perfect recreational unit for the advanced athlete and adventurer in calm and moving water. The SHARK series has been designed for touring and speed, making it one of the fastest inflatable SUP ever. This stylish companion fills highest expectations. Equipped with a non-slip deck and kick pad for perfect pivot turns. This SUP will reach high stiffness with low pressure (0.8 bar / 12 PSI). Airboard® packaging material uses 100% recycled paper and instead of plastic packaging material our pumps are sold in a personal 40L dry-bag backpack. 
Luggage Rack | 1 US-Box fin | FusionTec Double-Layer DS | EVA deck- and kickpad.
Delivery contains
SUP Shark | Lightweight Recycling WheelBag | Leash | High-Pressure Pump | US-Box Fin | Manual | Repair Kit | Luggage rack