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Airboard Freeride 180-X Silver

Art. 11.02.0305 / EAN 7640123710443

Model 122 x 82 x 30 cm
Weight 3.5 kg
Volume 180 l
Max. Pressure 0.05bar
Max. weight 140 kg (140 - 210cm)


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Product description
Winter sport
Backcountry | Slopes | Terrain Park
Detail description
The Freeride 180-X is a great choice also for riders taller than 190 cm. The X-Series are equipped with a flat, cold resistant high-tech valve which is often used in highly resistant army rafting boats. The lifted front-end offers smooth ride in a full range of snow conditions. The wide shape is great for cruising and comfort in the deep and steep. Made for easy riders.
Delivery contains
Freeride 180-X, carry bag, repair-kit, hand pump, hand leash.