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Airboard STRIDER Ultralight 12'6''

Art. 18.01.1505 / EAN 7640123711785

Model 380 x 83.8cm x 15cm (12'6" x 33" x 6'')
Weight 7.3kg*
Volume 366 l
Max. Pressure 0.6 - 1.0 bar (9 - 15 psi)
Max. weight 140 kg (309 lbs)
*Due to slight variation in material coating, as well as physical influences, the provided weight of SUP can vary up to 15%


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Product description
Ultralight SUP for traveling and touring
Lake | Ocean
Detail description
The STRIDER from the ULTRALIGHT EDITION is your faithful traveling SUP, no matter where you are paddling. The allround and touring SUP glides easily over every lake. Put all your belongings in the waterproof PumpBag after inflation. With only 7.3kg and 50% less pack size, you can explore even the remotest lakes. AirboardĀ® packaging material uses 100% recycled paper and instead of plastic packaging material our pumps are sold in a personal 40L dry-bag backpack.Ā 
US-Box-Mini exchangeable fin | Ultralight Woven Single Layer DS | Luggage Rack | EVA deckpad
Delivery contains
SUP | Fin | Pump-Bag | Nano-Pump | Carry-Belt & Leash | Repair-Kit