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Airboard STRIDER UL Performance 12'6''

Art. 18.01.1506 / EAN 7640123711907

Model 380 x 81.4cm x 15cm (12'6" x 32" x 6'')
Weight 7.3kg*
Volume 366L
Max. Pressure 0.6 - 1.0 bar (9 - 15 psi)
Max. weight 140 kg (309 lbs)
*Due to slight variation in material coating, as well as physical influences, the provided weight of SUP can vary up to 15%


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Product description
Ultralight SUP for traveling and touring
Lake | Ocean
Detail description
The STRIDER Performance from the ULTRALIGHT EDITION including the race proven Rocket- or Dolphine Nose is your lightweight traveling compagnion, no matter where you are paddling. The all-round and touring SUP glides without the resistance of a bow wave on every lake. Put all your belongings in the waterproof PumpBag after inflation. With only 7.3kg and 50% less pack size, you can explore even the remotest lakes. AirboardĀ® packaging material uses 100% recycled paper and instead of plastic packaging material our pumps are sold in a personal 40L dry-bag backpack.Ā 
US-Box-Mini exchangeable fin | Ultralight Woven Single Layer DS | Luggage Rack | EVA deckpad
Delivery contains
SUP | Fin | Pump-Bag | Nano-Pump | Carry-Belt & Leash | Repair-Kit