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Airboard Classic 130-X Ice Blue

Art. 11.01.0308 / EAN 7640123712232

Model 114 x 70 x 23 cm
Weight 2.50 kg
Volume 130 l
Max. Pressure 0.05 bar
Max. weight 140 kg (125 - 190cm)


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Product description
Winter sport
Airboard and sledding slopes
Detail description
AA bodyboard for use on snow – made from high-quality, plastic-coated fabrics, it is light yet extremely durable. Controlled by shifting your weight, youre propelled downhill on your stomach, just inches above the snow. The flexible air-cushioned body absorbs bumps on the slope, allowing an unparalleled ride. This winter sport is a progressive and easy to learn sport that has the young and the young at heart thrilled! The X-tended version is built with latest technology and additional features auch as: cold resistant high-tech valve. The Classic 130-X is for Adults up to 190cm. The Board is sturdy fast and easy to steer. For the sporty rider
Delivery contains
Classic 130-X, Carry Bag, Repair Kit, Hand Pump, Hand Leash