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Electrical Pump BTP12

Art. 20.01.0011 / EAN 8007405101211

Model 29x15x11cm
Weight 1900g
Max. Pressure 1.0bar (14.5 PSI)


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Product description
High Volume air pump for SUP
Detail description
Electrical High-End pump, inflates with 450 litres/min. the main volume and switches automatically to Compression mode to inflate pressures with 160 litres/min. Delivery includes SUP-Pump with Bag, SUP-Valve-Adapter and clamp-connector for car battery. Auto-Off when selected pressure has reached. Perfect for multiple inflatable SUP or big boats. Vlume: 160l/minute (Compressor). Max. Pressure: 1,0bar/14,5psi.
Delivery contains
Pump, Bag, Hose with SUP-Valve